How was Monopole Clásico created

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Two white wines: Monopole and Monopole Clásico.
What's the difference?


You probably know the brand Monopole as a white wine, a true icon of Rioja that has beed made since 1915. Many winelovers like its value, its fine aroma and fruity flavour. What not many people know is Monopole Clásico, a brand reborn a few years ago with one of the most charming stories behind.


Notice, after reading this you will look differently at Riojan white wines and you will definetely want to taste Monopole Clásico.


Some years ago, during a tasting at our winery, a participant asked about our old style Monopole. This wine had a lengthy barrel ageing in old oak and a profile contrary to the modern, fruity whites made mostly everywhere nowadays. This gentleman had fond memories of this wine. Sure, he liked the current Monopole, but he missed that old style.

From the early 20th century to the 70s, Monopole was a staple of homes and restaurants across Spain. It was one of CVNE’s main wines. Sadly, fashion turned against it, sales fell, and production in this style ceased in the 80s. Fresh, fine, bone dry, this wine had the peculiarity and originality of having some barrel ageing with a percentage of Sherry wine, with written permission from the Rioja appellation. The Sherry added structure to the Rioja white, while they both integrated harmoniously in barrel and later in bottle.


A bottle of this old Monopole was searched for in the Haro winery’s cemetery. A solitary 1979 bottle appeared. The wine was savoury, very fresh, balanced, delicious. On the spot, the decision was made: we would make this wine again, as it had been made historically. We called Ezequiel Garcia, CVNE winemaker from the 40s until the 70s, to invite him back to help us produce that wine again. Ezequiel, aka ‘the wizard’ and now in his eighties, had no doubts and said Yes straight away.

Monopole Clásico is the story of a remake, 40 years on; this time, with the original director as guest star. And this time, handmade and in small quantities, to best ignore the whims of fashion. The wines’ ageing contributes to its peculiar organoleptic characteristics, adding aromas of chamomile, dried fruits, and a long and persistent aftertaste. The marked acidity increases Monopole Clásico’s freshness.



Get into the entire story and notes by Luis Gutiérrez (Parker) at CVNE

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Recipe moment: Stuffed cannelloni

canelones cabrito deluz

Today's recipe moment is one of those everyone likes.

Stuffed Cannelloni: an inspiration to keep good manners.



INGREDIENTS (4 people):

· Lamb's leg

· Onion 100g.

· Leek 70g.

· Carrot 50g.

· Spinach 50g.

· White wine 100ml.

· Garlic.

· Butter 40g.

· Flour 40g.

· Milk 500ml.

· 32 Paccheri (cannelloni)

· Water 1l.

· Parmesano cheese 30g.

· Olive oil

· Salt

· Pepper


LAMB: we take a lamb's leg and put it in the casserole with the olive oil. Brown well on both sides until it takes color, add the onion cut in pieces and sliced garlic. Add a glass of white wine and cover the casserole over low heat for an hour and a half turning it a couple of times. Once the cooking is finished we take the lamb and crumble it into small pieces while in a separate casserole dish, until all the vegetables are browned (leek, carrot and spinach).

BECHAMEL: we put the lamb into the casserole and add butter, flour and salt. Add slowly milk and cook for twenty minutes.

CANNELLONI: boil the cannelloni into water, save them. Then we stuff them with the lamb and bechamel before rolling them very carefuly. Sprinkle with parmesano cheese and gratin in the oven for 15 minutes at 180º.

PRESENTATION: Serve the cannelloni over a base of stew sauce. Pair with a glass of CUNE Crianza.


This is an original recipe from Deluz Restaurant, Santander.

Wine and youth

dscf0085 blog

We have all heard that a glass of wine, included in the Mediterranean diet, can be healthy. The reason has its origin in a chemical component that is found naturally in wine.



The wine is produced from the fermentation of grapes, whose skin contains a component (phenol, to be exact) that is linked to cardioprotective, antidiabetic effects and even to skin protection and visual rejuvenation. This is Resveratrol, well known among winemakers and wine enthusiasts for this same reason.

Resveratron occurs naturally in several plants when they are under attack by pathogens, such as bacteria of fungi. In the skin of the grapes there is a high concentration. It attracted great attention in 1992, when its presence in wine was first suggested as an explanation of its cardioprotective effects. In order to transfer Resveratrol from grapes to wine, wine must remain as long as possible in contact with the skin during fermentation, so we will find much more in red wines than in white or rosé wines.


If we go technical, "studies suggest that Resveratrol in red wine can play an important role as a cardioprotective effect, as it seems to stimulate the activity of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and inhibition of platelet aggregation". In addition, antidiabetic effects have also been demonstrated aswell as favorable clinical results in visual rejuvenation.
The research of greater scope deals with skin protection since Resveratrol reduces oxidative stress from UV radiation, which is one of the main causes of premature skin aging.


However, there is no need for such an exhaustive analysis to realise that a glass of wine with friends is one great reason to feel rejuvenated by a charming conversation, complicit smiles or these kind of pleasures to enjoy life.


Sorteo CVNE Navidad 2019

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Las condiciones para el sorteo son las siguientes:



- 1 - Síguenos en Facebook:

- 2 - Comenta respondiendo a la pregunta: ¿Con quién brindarás estas Navidades? (Etiqueta como mínimo a 4 personas)

- 3 - Dale a "Me gusta" y comparte la publicación en tu biografía.

- Puedes participar desde el día 10 de diciembre al 16 de diciembre (23:59), ambos incluídos,.




- Se sorteará un lote de vinos CUNE entre todos los participantes.

- El sorteo incluye el envío del lote a Península Ibérica y Baleares. En caso de ser otro destino el ganador del sorteo correrá con los gastos del envío.

- Bases del mismo en #EasyPromos:

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