Christmas Wines Guide

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These Christmas
will be great...

picking the right wine!


This is the time to make the whole family enjoy, do not risk it on the wine.
You need a tasty meal, paired with traditional wines. Those everybody love.


Too many wines on the market to drive you crazy at picking.

 There should be a short and precise list to be helping.

 Here you are:

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For starters, cheese, fish and seafood dishes:

"This food-friendly medium-bodied white wine is made from Viura grapes, and it’s a natural with seafood dishes. One glass won’t be enough.Shelley Boettcher, Calgary Herald.

"This delightful version, mainly from the viura grape, is crisp and refreshing, with hints of quince, star fruit and straw. Enjoy this on its own or with tapas and lighter seafood dishes.". Dave McIntyre, The Washington Post.

Fine, crisp and perfect to start the dinner!

Get it here

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For turkey, beef, pork and stews:

"Currant dances with fresh topsoil, grape with black pepper, fruit with spice and earth and oak. The flavour complexity is amplified significantly, as foresty notes, leather jackets, fresh cigar, citrus, roses and sage join a chorus of darker and more brooding berry fruit. This is both a testament to the past and a beacon towards the future. A stately powerhouse." Peter Vetsch, Pop & Pour.

The tasty and fleshy sip you need in a celebration!
*Suggestion: pick Magnum size, your dinner will look amazing.

Get it here

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For special meat, foie and even desserts:

"A delight from Rioja that balances the old school with the new. It spends 18 months in French and American oak barrels, plus another 18 months aging in bottle. Blackberry, vanilla and cassis notes with well integrated tannins, balanced acidity and hints of smoke on the long finish.André Proulx y Michael Pinkus, Toronto Life

Real winner, highest Rioja expression!

Get it here


Make Christmas shine

Enjoy the little moments, they make life worth it.

 And make sure you make the right decisions, now you know to pick the right wine!

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2019 Harvest at CVNE

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A high-quality harvest for Imperial,
Viña Real and Contino in Rioja



"2019 has been a good vintage in Rioja, a slight drop
in quantity compared to 2018, but of very high quality
", according to María Larrea, our technical director.

Optimal conditions in the vineyards were already indications of an excellent harvest to come. However, In mid-September a few heavy showers threatened to affect the quality and quantity of grapes, and we even feared outbreaks of botrytis. But at the end we were lucky enough and this threat was vanished".

As far as Viñedos del Contino is concerned, we had a less vigorous harvest than last year, with less compact clusters and smaller grapes. All that, as well as the perfect health of the vineyard, has led us to qualify the year as excellent, and possibly memorable in the history of our wines, with magnificent tannins, high aromatic potential and great ageing capacity.

Let's keep paying attention during fermentations,
as well as barrel ageing.

Follow our social media to keep up.

Facebook: Bodega.CVNE
Instagram: CVNEvino
Twitter: CVNE

Would you like to visit our wineries?  CLICK HERE





Three funny recipes for Halloween

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Let's get ready for Halloween with these 3 easy recipes.


Already traditional all over the world, Halloween is a nice chance to enjoy a different night with some tasty food.

Three recipes, useful tricks and a final suggestion.


- Witches' brooms:

Very easy, original starter.

Ingredients: bread sticks, cheese and chive.
Step by step: cut the cheese slices and surround the bread sticks. We suggest to use gouda, emmental or textured cheese so it doesn't bend too much. Trick: use chive to tie the cheese to the bread sticks, it will look very realistic.

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- Nachos on pumpkin's head:

Classic for Halloween.

Ingredients: American pumpkin, guacamole or cheese and nachos.
Step by step: first of all, decorate the pumpkin so that it looks like the typical creepy head from the movies. Slice the upper part so it will allows us to empty and start with the face. Trick: first draw the eyes and mouth with a pencil before start trimming. Carefully, put the guacamole in a bowl and include it in the head. Ingredients for guacamole: avocado, tomato, lime and coriander). 

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- Spider eggs:

Creepy, tasty and very simple.

Ingredients: Eggs, tuna, mayonnaise and black olives.
Step by step: boil the eggs and once cold, cut in half. Separate the yolk and reserve it in a bowl. Add tuna and mayonnaise and mix it well. Fill the eggs with this mixture. Cut the black olives in the shape of spiders and place the bodies and legs as seen in the picture. Trick: varnish with olive oil so it doesn't rust too much if you are not going to seve at the moment.

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* Final suggestion:

There is no Halloween party which doesn't require a nice wine to check the following two boxes: to be versatile and everyone likes it. We are clear on this. The Halloween wine is Viña Real. Red and black berries, fresh and silky on the palate. Guaranteed success.

Where to find it? Click here.

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CVNE sortea tres lotes de botellas entre los participantes en el concurso Fotomatón de Cune.



En CVNE cumplimos 140 años y hemos preparado un Fotomatón para que personalices tu botella de Cune con tu foto. Del 31 de octubre al 11 de noviembre lo tendrás disponible en La Vaguada (Madrid). Pásate y llévate tu botella personalizada.

Es muy sencillo participar en el sorteo, sólo debes seguir estos pasos:

- Sube una foto de tu botella personalizada a Instagram, Facebook o Twitter con el hastag #PersonalizaTuCune
- Sigue y nombra a @Cvnevino en tu publicación de Instagram / @bodega.cvne en Facebook / @Cvne en Twitter
- Etiqueta a 3 amigos en la publicación

Se sorteará un lote de botellas en cada una de las redes, así que puedes participar en las tres para tener más probabilidades.


Personaliza tu Cune, llévate una botella única y gana un lote de botellas CUNE


El ganador del concurso (la imagen con más likes) se anunciará el día 18 de noviembre en cada red social.

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