Three funny recipes for Halloween

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Let's get ready for Halloween with these 3 easy recipes.


Already traditional all over the world, Halloween is a nice chance to enjoy a different night with some tasty food.

Three recipes, useful tricks and a final suggestion.


- Witches' brooms:

Very easy, original starter.

Ingredients: bread sticks, cheese and chive.
Step by step: cut the cheese slices and surround the bread sticks. We suggest to use gouda, emmental or textured cheese so it doesn't bend too much. Trick: use chive to tie the cheese to the bread sticks, it will look very realistic.

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- Nachos on pumpkin's head:

Classic for Halloween.

Ingredients: American pumpkin, guacamole or cheese and nachos.
Step by step: first of all, decorate the pumpkin so that it looks like the typical creepy head from the movies. Slice the upper part so it will allows us to empty and start with the face. Trick: first draw the eyes and mouth with a pencil before start trimming. Carefully, put the guacamole in a bowl and include it in the head. Ingredients for guacamole: avocado, tomato, lime and coriander). 

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- Spider eggs:

Creepy, tasty and very simple.

Ingredients: Eggs, tuna, mayonnaise and black olives.
Step by step: boil the eggs and once cold, cut in half. Separate the yolk and reserve it in a bowl. Add tuna and mayonnaise and mix it well. Fill the eggs with this mixture. Cut the black olives in the shape of spiders and place the bodies and legs as seen in the picture. Trick: varnish with olive oil so it doesn't rust too much if you are not going to seve at the moment.

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* Final suggestion:

There is no Halloween party which doesn't require a nice wine to check the following two boxes: to be versatile and everyone likes it. We are clear on this. The Halloween wine is Viña Real. Red and black berries, fresh and silky on the palate. Guaranteed success.

Where to find it? Click here.

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CVNE sortea tres lotes de botellas entre los participantes en el concurso Fotomatón de Cune.



En CVNE cumplimos 140 años y hemos preparado un Fotomatón para que personalices tu botella de Cune con tu foto. Del 31 de octubre al 11 de noviembre lo tendrás disponible en La Vaguada (Madrid). Pásate y llévate tu botella personalizada.

Es muy sencillo participar en el sorteo, sólo debes seguir estos pasos:

- Sube una foto de tu botella personalizada a Instagram, Facebook o Twitter con el hastag #PersonalizaTuCune
- Sigue y nombra a @Cvnevino en tu publicación de Instagram / @bodega.cvne en Facebook / @Cvne en Twitter
- Etiqueta a 3 amigos en la publicación

Se sorteará un lote de botellas en cada una de las redes, así que puedes participar en las tres para tener más probabilidades.


Personaliza tu Cune, llévate una botella única y gana un lote de botellas CUNE


El ganador del concurso (la imagen con más likes) se anunciará el día 18 de noviembre en cada red social.

Best plan: harvest time!

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Nice weather, beautiful landscape, harvest...
Everything is telling you
in October

Harvest began in September and it will last until the end of October. This is a golden oportunity to come by Rioja and enjoy the wine culture in the best season. It's only once a year so don't miss it out. Oh, and children can play at the toy library while parents are visiting the winery and tasting the wines.

Nights are cooler, but days are still warm. Riojan landscape change colors and looks impressively gorgeous. Green leaves turn yellow, orange and even red and purple. Only one month, but it's the best one. Sunsets are so romantic and create sweet memories. Besides, architecture looks brighter since wine and art are getting closer these days. Great wineries found out how to blend these two, enjoy them now.

Book a tour in a centenary winery (CVNE)

Book a tour in an avant-garde winery (VIÑA REAL)

Tours, wine tastings, even fancy gastronomy with up to 4 Michelin Star Restaurants in Rioja. Many perks, but one overall: in this region it's possible to enjoy nature, historic culture and intense tasty food in a few hours. Magic!
Keep calm, no rush. Plan your trip to Rioja.

Have a Typical Riojan Lunch

Book a Picnic at the Vineyards

Photography aficionados, food lovers and wine enthusiasts, October is your best plan. Take a break, enjoy Rioja.

Do you want to know more about wines?

Book an Introduction to the WineTasting Course







Rioja 2019 vintage starts



UPDATED September 13th

New info about latest rains.

New pics!

REMEMBER you can book your tour to see the harvest here:

First vines are being harvested these days in Rioja.


Every vintage is different, not only because of the start date, but also because of the state of the grapes and the weather conditions, which ensure that each vintage has unique influences and its own identity. Today we talk on how this harvest begins.


2019 has been marked by a short winter without much rainfall. Many thermal oscillations with heat waves and cold streaks have caused a low rate of curdling and the grapes are growing quite loose. This can translate into good quality, but we still have to be cautious until finishing the harvest. This grapes’ size is a little smaller than usual due to the low rainfall during spring and summer. This melting pot of circumstances has made the grapes ripen with an exceptional state of health. There is always fear of frosty nights, which did not substantially affect our vineyards, as well as hail, which did fall in August in a storm that amazed the entire country. Hail may damage the leaves, as well as the grapes and cause some diseases, but luckily this time they only left their mark on leaves and clusters of one plot, so most of them remain unaltered.


CVNE's harvest starts, but every vineyard has different timings. We are starting today at Contino, while in Viña Real will be starting on the 16th. Cune and Imperial will be harvested aproximately from 20th on and what we foresee, if everything continues until the end of the harvest, is a very healthy harvest, but low yield if we compare to other previous years. The quality may be very good, but for this we will have to analyze throughout the whole crop.

Latest rains on the 11th did not affect our vineyards, but we could not star harvesting until 12th. Almost every white grape is already harvested and these days we are starting with the red ones. It looks gorgeous!

Hopefully weather will respect us, fingers crossed!

The official rating of the DOCa is granted based on a global assessment, but in CVNE we make a very thorough research of our quality, which allows us to issue our own rating that is not always identical to that from DOCa. That is why it is interesting to know both.


Come and enjoy the harvest in the winery, CVNE does not close so that visitors can see with their own eyes the best time of the year. Make your reservation here.


Find our wines in our online store.




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