No doubt that autumn with the harvest, is the time of year when wineries concentrated a frenzied activity. But in the world of wine, each station is important and what is done in every one of them is crucial to continue to maintain the quality of the wines that are born after each harvest.

In CVNE we are immersed in the tasks associated with spring. It might seem as a quiet time, but in the field we carried out maintenance work on the vineyards very important. On the one hand, and is running already the “pruning on green2”. This process is to remove shoots that are not successful or do not appear in the correct position on each vine, thus we make each plant “concentrate” in “good” outbreaks which have all their strength.
Also at this time it is essential to take care of specialized vineyards phytosanitary treatments to prevent any pest that could affect the grapes.
And last but not least, in this season general maintenance tasks are carried out without interruption. Tractors run through the vineyards to keep land in good condition and take advantage, for example, of rainwater and prevent them from causing any damage or waterlogging some areas.
As you see, spring has arrived in full force at CVNE and field work at a good pace with the excitement focus on the next harvest.