First sprouts of 2019 are here.

Few weeks ago some vines started to weep and these days most of them are leading up to show their first leaves. Shy sprouts have displayed frankly beautiful colors and green already shines throughout the Rioja landscape.

 This vintage comes with news and weather curiosities compared to previous years. It is not possible to make predictions yet, although we can assess the data collected. It is an early vintage so far. High temperatures have led the vineyard to start its cycle a little earlier than usual. Likewise, the rains have a decisive influence on production and this year rainfall has been very scarce, almost half of what had rained in 2018. It is still spring, which makes us think that those rains will come soon, although it is necessary that they are produced little by little and without torrents that devastate the terroir. This is one of the many reasons each harvest means an adventure that can be affected by many features.

 At the moment, many of our vineyards are in phenological phase E and F, which means the leaves are already extended and some clusters are visible. Not all the vines bloom and change their state at the same time, because each land has its own circumstances (type of soil, altitude, orientation, age, etc.), that is why we do not talk about Rioja with just one description.

We remain attentive to the development of our vineyards, it is a beautiful stage to get closer to the field and take pictures so if you still do not know the area, do not wait any longer and come to visit us. We will show you everything related to the history of wine in the heart of Rioja wines.