How to find quality in Cava

These symbols tell you about quality in Cava.

Learn how to find out.

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Among all popular wines, sparkling ones are icons for celebrations.
Let's learn what Cava is among sparkling wines.

  • ORIGIN: Generally, sparkling wines are those containing bubbles in the bottle, natural or added. Cava, as brand, is not a regular D.O. because it can be produced in many regions as La Rioja, Álava, Zaragoza, Navarra, Badajoz, Valencia or Cataluña.

  • GRAPES: Cava is controlled by many regulations, like the one about grape varieties allowed: whites (Macabeo, Xarelo, Parellada, Chardonnay) and reds (Trepat, Garnacha, Pinot noir, Monastrel).

  • WINE MAKING: First of all, traditional winemaking to be added wine from other vintages ("base wine") and then added "tirage", which is mainly sugar, so once it is bottled fermentation takes place.

  • PROCESS: Fermentation sediments will settle to the bottom by riddling the bottles. Then these sediments are removed by freezing and cutting the bottleneck with them.

  • CORK: It is time for "dosage", which consist of addind a syrup desgned by the production of different types of Cava according to the sugar content. Now the typical cork closes the bottle.

While opening a bottle of Cava, you may see some symbols in the cork bottom. It tells you the quality of the Cava and something about the winemaking process. Let's see which are those.

Four points star

It is a propper traditional method Cava, just as we just learnt above.


It tells you that the fermentation in the bottle has been very short. It settled only two months, so no sediments were produced and it will go like this to the market.


Fermentation has been done in big tanks instead of the bottle. Also known as "Granvás".


No traditional method at all. Carbonic bubbles are added artificially to the wine.


Quality is the big deal, but even you can check differences on the way sparkling wines look from the bubbles, the aromas they show and the way they taste according to the traditional method and the time settling in the bottle.

Choose well, seek quality.

Like in the traditional ROGER GOULART, that since 1882 keeps highest quality due to the traditional method.


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