envero 2019 retocada

“Envero” is here and it’s beautiful.


Do you know what “envero” is?

“Envero” is a spanish word to name the process of grapes changing colors. Our vines are maturing and grapes start to turn from green to purple. White grapes are more difficult to notice, but red grapes are amazing these days.

When does it happen?

It usually happens during the end of July and beginning of August in Rioja, around one month before harvest. Once the grapes are big enough, they start changing their color one by one and it’s a perfect time to come over and take some gorgeous pictures of them.

How 2019 harvest will be? What kind of wines we will be able to make? It’s time for many questions to be made and it makes us quite hopeful about it. Final countdown to see what is coming this year.


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