Nice weather, beautiful landscape, harvest…
Everything is telling you
in October

Harvest began in September and it will last until the end of October. This is a golden oportunity to come by Rioja and enjoy the wine culture in the best season. It’s only once a year so don’t miss it out. Oh, and children can play at the toy library while parents are visiting the winery and tasting the wines.

Nights are cooler, but days are still warm. Riojan landscape change colors and looks impressively gorgeous. Green leaves turn yellow, orange and even red and purple. Only one month, but it’s the best one. Sunsets are so romantic and create sweet memories. Besides, architecture looks brighter since wine and art are getting closer these days. Great wineries found out how to blend these two, enjoy them now.

Book a tour in a centenary winery (CVNE)

Book a tour in an avant-garde winery (VIÑA REAL)

Tours, wine tastings, even fancy gastronomy with up to 4 Michelin Star Restaurants in Rioja. Many perks, but one overall: in this region it’s possible to enjoy nature, historic culture and intense tasty food in a few hours. Magic!
Keep calm, no rush. Plan your trip to Rioja.

Have a Typical Riojan Lunch

Book a Picnic at the Vineyards

Photography aficionados, food lovers and wine enthusiasts, October is your best plan. Take a break, enjoy Rioja.

Do you want to know more about wines?

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