A high-quality harvest for Imperial,
Viña Real and Contino in Rioja



2019 has been a good vintage in Rioja, a slight drop
in quantity compared to 2018, but of very high quality
“, according to María Larrea, our technical director.

Optimal conditions in the vineyards were already indications of an excellent harvest to come. However, In mid-September a few heavy showers threatened to affect the quality and quantity of grapes, and we even feared outbreaks of botrytis. But at the end we were lucky enough and this threat was vanished”.

As far as Viñedos del Contino is concerned, we had a less vigorous harvest than last year, with less compact clusters and smaller grapes. All that, as well as the perfect health of the vineyard, has led us to qualify the year as excellent, and possibly memorable in the history of our wines, with magnificent tannins, high aromatic potential and great ageing capacity.

Let’s keep paying attention during fermentations,
as well as barrel ageing.

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