Today’s recipe moment is one of those everyone likes.

Stuffed Cannelloni: an inspiration to keep good manners.


INGREDIENTS (4 people):

  • Lamb’s leg
  • Onion 100g.
  • Leek 70g.
  • Carrot 50g.
  • Spinach 50g.
  • White wine 100ml.
  • Garlic.
  • Butter 40g.
  • Flour 40g.
  • Milk 500ml.
  • 32 Paccheri (cannelloni)
  • Water 1l.
  • Parmesano cheese 30g.
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Peppe


LAMB: we take a lamb’s leg and put it in the casserole with the olive oil. Brown well on both sides until it takes color, add the onion cut in pieces and sliced garlic. Add a glass of white wine and cover the casserole over low heat for an hour and a half turning it a couple of times. Once the cooking is finished we take the lamb and crumble it into small pieces while in a separate casserole dish, until all the vegetables are browned (leek, carrot and spinach).

BECHAMEL: we put the lamb into the casserole and add butter, flour and salt. Add slowly milk and cook for twenty minutes.

CANNELLONI: boil the cannelloni into water, save them. Then we stuff them with the lamb and bechamel before rolling them very carefuly. Sprinkle with parmesano cheese and gratin in the oven for 15 minutes at 180º.

PRESENTATION: Serve the cannelloni over a base of stew sauce. Pair with a glass of CUNE Crianza


This is an original recipe from Deluz Restaurant, Santander.